FJ Building
Towering Design

Rising visual impact. Developed by Ramaco Trading and Contracting, FJ5 is a residential tower in Lusail, the upcoming smart city in Qatar. Our objective was to promote the tower with its sophisticated architectural facades, spacious apartments, and luxurious lifestyle experience, through a new bilingual identity and wayfinding system.

  • Ramaco Trading and Contracting
  • Real Estate
  • Qatar
Brand Identity, Brand Language, Brand Applications, Wayfinding

Once the client provided the renderings, material samples and architectural drawings, we identified the tower’s unique interior and exterior features. Ramaco wanted to create a comfortable environment. One where people can come together. Interact. Especially given the wonderful facilities in the tower (gym, spa, swimming pool, etc.). The ideal recreational and meeting spots.

All this inspired a graphic and visual exploration of the user journey in the tower. Tracing these journeys in addition to how people’s daily paths overlap, we translated the essence into the symbol of FJ5’s identity. A clean and neat logo and wayfinding system that complimented the interior and reflected the luxurious and elegant features.

The typography reflected luxury and modernism at the same time with a play of serif and sans serif fonts. The wayfinding showcased the concept of the journey and the continuous path designed throughout the tower displayed directional information in studied and strategic locations for people to easily find their way around.