Beirut Marathon Association Marathon Village 2017
A Sports Village for Lebanon

Bringing back Marathon Village with several branding challenges. To commemorate the 15th edition of Beirut Marathon, the Beirut Marathon Association in partnership with Transmed, brought back the Marathon Village for 4 consecutive days in the run up to the marathon. An open space at the Mar Mikhael Trainstation was transformed into a hub for fun sports related activities with bustling vendors. It created a buzz around the marathon and promoted the message of unity, peace and love under the umbrella of sport. Awareness increased and the marathon’s audience, runners and exhibitors were successfully encouraged to participate and advocate. Even exhibitors from non-sports related fields joined to show support for the healthy lifestyle that comes with being active.

  • Beirut Marathon Association
  • Non-profit Organization / Sports
  • Lebanon
Brand Identity, Brand Language, Brand Applications, Wayfinding

The purpose behind this particular year’s campaign was to empower individuals through running, promote a healthier lifestyle and positivity, create change in the community through running, and act as a platform for NGOs to raise awareness for their causes. The communication had to highlight the 15th anniversary while encouraging people to join more than 45,000 participants running for a cause, self-improvement and peace.

The solution? A dynamic yet professional brand. Combining color from Transmed with the year’s anniversary theme gave life to a fresh and inviting blue and green brand. The visuals of real people who actually participated in previous marathons and are now advocates of running, were outlined using the bold strokes typical of that year’s theme to further reaffirm their championing loyalty to this uniting event. The graphics and the wayfinding had a dynamic and clean direction that was perfect for such a crowded and busy environment with many brands present.