Driving Attraction

You need drive to get to your destination. Cerra Automotive is a leading automotive center with first class fleet management solutions in West Africa. They offer comprehensive automotive services and an excellent customer experience by understanding local needs, utilizing the latest technologies and developing lasting partnerships. Cerra Automotive began by acquiring a small running business. They transformed this into an international automotive center with well-known brand names like Champion, Sixt, Nissan, Mobil and Varta. Their drive to acquire international brands meant they needed a brand worthy of such representation. This where Brandem comes in.

  • Cerra Automotive Services
  • Automotive
  • Sierra Leone, Liberia and Congo
Brand Concept, Brand Language, Brand Applications, Production Management, Social Media

Cerra Automotive’s business is mostly with international organizations like the WHO and USAID. Accordingly our approach fitted the firm’s vision of being an international brand. We researched competitors in well-established markets and built on our findings since Cerra was the first company to have such a structure in West Africa. Assessing which elements can be leveraged, we effectively met these organizations’ expectation for excellence.

The concept drove around the idea of excellence. Excellence in service. Quality. Know-how. This opened the road to the idea of the excellence trinity, which inspired the brandmark and brand language. The identity portrays cutting edge services, speed, efficiency, skillfulness and flexibility. All of this is translated through the dynamic shapes of the triangle embedded within the identity and graphic language to show the different facets of the business.