A Beautiful Fit

Powerful and motivating! Shape Up is the GCC’s most prominent and comprehensive Health, Beauty and Fitness Fair. The best way to directly communicate with thousands of potential exhibitors, business partners and attendees. The fair showcases the latest trends, brands, mass market products, services and novelties. This B2B exhibition is a unique and ideal business platform for networking and remaining at the forefront of industry developments. Regardless of whether the exhibitor is a manufacturer, agent, distributor, retailer, clinic, hospital, club, spa, center, institute, services/material supplier, or is involved in any aspect of the Beauty, Health & Fitness markets, Shape Up offers the opportunity to connect with more than 30,000 female and male visitors of all ages. This is an exceptional ROI opportunity with a wealth of benefits from heightened sales to increased brand awareness.

  • Shape Up
  • Health, Beauty & Fitness
  • Qatar
Brand Concept, Brand Language, Environmental Branding, Brand Applications

We had the pumped-up challenge of developing the brand for the first health, beauty, and fitness exhibition in Qatar. One that positions Qatar as a nation well known for constantly promoting sports, fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Our approach was inspired by the Vitruvian man. The brandmark triggers a positive human body image. This is fitting since Shape Up is a fitness, beauty and health event that offers each person the chance to discover their best physical potential. It challenges the limitations of the body into a progressive parable within its universal boundaries. The triangle illustrates beauty, fitness and health (three points). The moiré pattern which forms and transforms within a triangular area shows that a perfect and healthy body is achievable. The typography is stacked to show initiation and perseverance whilst the brand language is energetic, vibrant and dynamic to reflect the nature of the exhibition.