A Bite of Qatari Uniqueness

Something fast and different is on the menu. The Qatari market craves local and regional food, yet no one offers authentic Qatari and Gulf traditional food in an appetizing way for a multicultural and multinational GCC with more than 130 nationalities living, working and enjoying food in the region. There will always be a market for new and innovative concepts at a time when consumers are flooded with international fast food concepts with almost the same food offerings. This is where Baid O Tomat cooks up a unique edge. Baid O Tomat offers Qataris and expats raised in the region the sandwiches and snacks they “used to eat at home” in a trendy, fashionable and appetizing way. This new, innovative, fresh, modern, clean and trendy way of presenting traditional Qatari snacks and sandwiches (while tapping into the incredibly fast growing fast food and Quick Service Restaurants category) is the unique selling point.

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Brand Concept, Brand Language, Retail and Environmental Branding, Brand Applications

Baid O Tomat’s challenge was to create and develop a quick service food concept. Something that combines traditional regional tastes with westernized service and standards of operation. Caters to a shifting market. Has prices suitable for all ages and categories plus homemade recipes and fresh ingredients. Our challenge was to take this innovative concept and present it in the proper light.

Our approach focused on how Baid O Tomat is a take-away restaurant concept that is unique in its attention to every detail of the operation. Showing its potential to become the best fast-take away dining experience (great food and reasonable prices) and ability to offer an outstanding authentic and traditional experience of Qatari cuisine. The unique experience itself (from food to live cooking to the variety of tastes), communicates the brand’s personality and distinctiveness to consumers. The ambience reflects the modernized traditional image. Baid o Tomat plans to promote Qatari food culture locally, regionally and internationally. To transform this local business into a high quality “moderno-traditional” international chain.

The concept behind the design direction is based on positioning Baid O Tomat as a boutique shop that believes in the craft of good food. Authentic distinctive Qatari cuisine. A unique experience. The graphics are minimal, crisp and serious. The food is the hero of this brand and is the only colorful element. The set-up of the photography gives an artisanal, delicious and warm feeling. The worn textures of paper and material enhance the impression of a Qatari tavern serving heart-warming meals.