Blom Bank Beirut Marathon Runners & Media Guide 2016
Continuing the race

Once the race starts, it’s important to continue so you can successfully cross the finishing line. Every year the Beirut Marathon Association (BMA) hosts the Blom Bank Beirut Marathon in early November. In 2016 BMA turned to us to create their Runners & Media guide which covers all the important information about the marathon, activities, maps, participants and sponsors and goes out to all elite marathoners, running ambassadors and media outlets.

  • Beirut Marathon Association
  • Non Profit organization
  • Lebanon
Brand Language, Editorial Design, Production Management

Since the Beirut Marathon visual campaign was already created, our challenge was to incorporate the year’s theme of sustainability and Lebanese heritage while keeping in mind the main sponsor of this year’s event, Blom Bank, and the Beirut Marathon association. The resultant A5 format guide is easy to handle and carry. The design took the key visual element from the theme and applied it throughout the guide. Dynamic geometrical shapes gave life to the information inside. The colors reflect both partners: equal partnership. Infographics were created to easily visualize complex data. This made the guide even more appealing.