Chick’n Champ
A taste of Ghana

Definitely not from Kentucky. Trillium Development had a restaurant concept ready for opening…but missing a brand and identity. The fried chicken delivery concept was going to be launched in Ghana, a country where fish is the daily staple and chicken is enjoyed on special occasions. Our challenge was to come up with a name that can be franchised across the West African coast. We dived into research from an anthropological perspective to understand our consumer. The insights discovered revealed key points about their dialect and colloquial language, the cultural meaning of certain colors, and aspects of visual clarity that increase recognition.

  • Trillium Development
  • Food & Beverage
  • Republic of Ghana
Brand Audit, Competitor Audit, Brand Naming, Brand Concept, Brand Language, Brand Applications

This led to the chosen name: Chick’n Champ. It is easy to remember and pronounce and highlights a slang word used every day by the local community: “Champ”. The brand identity reflects the culture by using warm and vibrant colors, resonating with the African landscape and blending with local life.

The symbol in the brandmark reflects the restaurant’s offering in a smart and witty way while the typography reflects the casual atmosphere and clean fast food. The proposed tagline (“Winner with every bite”) is derived from the name and emphasizes the idea of being a champ. The brand language is a free flowing illustration with a more handcrafted type to contrast with the brandmark, bringing a more urban feel to the identity.