Flex, Stretch and Succeed

Active branding that’s on the move. We were tasked with developing the corporate identity for Al-Attar Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Center. Al Attar focuses on improving the health, function and quality of life of outpatients with acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions and disorders. It serves civilians but also offers free of charge services to the Qatar armed forces and their families. Al Attar’s unique selling points are a focus on physical medicine and rehabilitation, noninvasive and conservative therapy, one on one doctor-patient interaction and treatment, a commitment to education, research and training, and the creation of community awareness. Al Attar has the potential to set a new standard in physical medicine and rehabilitation in the region. Become a hotspot for rehabilitative medical tourism with the power to extend services to accommodate in-patient care and surgeries, expand into other parts of Qatar, and maximize on PM&R awareness through medical innovation and greater community access.

  • Qatar Armed Forces
  • Healthcare
  • Qatar
Brand Audit, Brand Positioning, Brand Strategy, Brand Architecture, Brand Concept, Brand Language, Brand Applications

We started stretching and flexing our minds by reflecting on the project’s uniqueness and how to advance Al Attar’s message to the target audience. We wanted to portray leadership in physical medicine, rehabilitation, quality care and patient wellbeing. To strengthen future expansion plans. To move past the current brand image as just a “physiotherapy center” and promote a new one. To create consistency across all brand touch-points ensuring the image of Al Attar is solid, evolving and understood. To create a brand built on a personal relationship: one that speaks directly with its audience. A brand that understands the target customers’ minds and desires to engage them and consistently guide their behavior and action to be a part of Al Attar.

We created a solution that positioned Al Attar as a hub for high quality physical medicine and rehabilitation services in Qatar. A brand that achieved distinctiveness through unprecedented rehabilitative care. Showed flexibility, awareness and an understanding of service benefits. Increased awareness of the benefits of PM&R in Qatar and the region. Showcased how Al Attar is “more than just a physiotherapy center”.

The concept is based on the three keystone components within Al Attar. The individual/patient. The physical and natural treatments. The culture. The icon is inspired from the shape of human muscle (representing therapy and wellness) and desert dunes’ sand particles (symbolizing natural and non-invasive treatment while also representing the Qatari landscape). We highlight the distinct connection Al Attar services have with nature. Portray the structured yet asymmetric texture of sand, which marks the surface of dunes, creating a variety of interesting and unique patterns. Brown and deep gold are the primary colors. Brown represents the earth/sand and reflects the warming and welcoming qualities of Al Attar staff. Deep gold represents the healing and soothing feeling of sunrise on the dunes. The resultant brandmark projects a holistic image of Al Attar: a physical treatment and rehabilitation center.