Fit for Service

Functional Circuit Training for Military for Law Enforcement (FCTM) is a training system based on scientific studies conducted by the NATO and modified to meet the needs of the UAE’s military and law enforcement. FCTM has various efficient and cost effective systems that can be implemented with ease. The system components involve training equipment, programs, manuals and trainer courses.

  • Elite Tactical
  • Military Consultancy and Training
  • UAE
Brand Concept, Brand Language, Brand Applications, Production Management

We designed an appealing and comprehensible B to B major presentation for key figures in the government and military. We were given random papers, hand drawn charts, tables and figures and our challenge was to represent the information in a simple, interesting and effective manner. The booklet needed to be self explanatory if read on its own. FCTM does not have a brand per se and so we had to develop the brand language and icon style without having point of reference (i.e. brandmark).

After understanding and digesting all the dense information, we advised on the content structure and format. We then devised a plan to work on the complex information in a visual and simple manner: using infographics as the most effective manner of delivering this type of content whilst maintaining interest of the audience.

The resultant A4 80 page bilingual (Arabic and English) landscape book flexed with a color theme that suited the content and included vibrant and dynamic yellow with corporate gray. The icons were tailor made and crafted to push up the military and modern training approach. The content was strategically laid out to guide the user in a step-by-step process, keeping the flow to maintain high engagement levels and ensure all of FCTM offerings are well understood.