Decovision & Visionfactory
Inside a perfectly Furnished Relook

Since interiors psychologically impact us, a brand specialized in interiors needs to have impact too. Decovision was established in Abu Dhabi in 2003, filling the need for a professional interior solutions provider in the UAE market. With a strong focus on engineering and project execution, Decovision quickly established a reputation for delivering world-class service based on innovative design solutions and timely delivery. Most of their projects are 5 star hotels, restaurants and palaces.

  • Royal Group
  • Interior Fit Out
  • UAE & Qatar
Brand Audit, SWOT Analysis, Brand Concept, Brand Language, Brand Applications, Production Management, Brand Guardianship

As Decovision were growing exponentially with key projects for the Emirati Royal family and were even competing on an international level to win projects, they felt their brand was in need of a refresh. Decovision’s edge is its very own state-of-the-art factory: Visionfactory. This empowers them to delivery large volumes of quality work in a timely manner. Providing full woodwork solutions and decorative work, the factory has expanded to become the number one furniture factory in the UAE with first-class products.

Our challenge was to establish Decovision’s knowledge base of several markets with its execution of diverse projects through out Africa, the GCC and South Asia. To create an identity that meets new market needs and company growth. Because the original brandmark had emotional significance, we opted to evolve it even though the brand was inconsistent in design, lacked recognition and did not reflect the business. Visionfactory and Decovison had an endorsed brand architecture which was maintained with the rebrand.