Cutting edge yet Timeless

Innovation is a game-changer. MediaSouls was established in France and expanded to Europe before reaching the Gulf in 2007. As one of the architectural and advertising solutions using modern and sophisticated technology (the Crystal System), MediaSouls is the exclusive representative of Isermatic France, Portelli Production, Andelia and Osmanli Reklam.

  • MediaSouls
  • Media Solutions
  • Qatar and France
Brand Concept, Brand Language, Brand Applications, Production Management

We created a brand that showcases MediaSouls as the exclusive distributors of the Crystal System while allowing for the growth of their portfolio of products. Something that is timeless and lasting. Not too modern or techy. Not too conventional either. We highlighted how they can find solutions to anything you want to design. That format is not a limitation as it was before.

We looked into what made the Crystal System different and a success story all over Europe. The mechanism and technicalities when applied graphically to the brandmark portrays flexibility, simplicity and reliability. The crystal system technique, product quality and expertise are graphically translated in the cutting edge visual metaphor between the letters ‘s’ and ‘o’ and are later translated in the graphics and printing techniques in the brand language. The brand language is clean and modern echoing the simple solutions for complex jobs. We wanted the brand to be subtle yet full of character. So the projects can speak for themselves. The brand created kept in mind that the portfolio of MediaSouls will continue to grow and that it must house all future products.