Blom Bank Beirut Marathon 2017
15 years of running

Keen to run, we were invited to pitch for the 2017 BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon (BBBM). Each year BBBM conveys a special message linked to important local issues or events affecting the Lebanese. 12 November 2017 marked 15 years of Beirut Marathon history. For 15 years the Beirut Marathon positioned itself as an advocate of running to herald peace and unity in the Middle-East.

  • Beirut Marathon Association
  • Non- profit Organization / Sports
  • Lebanon
Creative Campaign Concept, Brand Language, Brand Applications, Advertising

The purpose behind this particular year’s campaign was to empower individuals through running, promote a healthier lifestyle and positivity, create change in the community through running, and act as a platform for NGOs to raise awareness for their causes. The communication had to highlight the 15th anniversary while encouraging people to join more than 45,000 participants running for a cause, self-improvement and peace.

We sprinted into this campaign with celebration in mind. To mark this milestone anniversary, the Brazilian artist, Romero Britto, built the RUN structure at Zaitunay Bay and was a big advocate for the Beirut Marathon Association. Britto’s vivid colors and artwork flow are very much aligned with the spirit of the Beirut Marathon. An expression of unity, diversity, togetherness, peace and love under the banner of sport. 

Ready for action, we created a campaign inspired by Romero Britto’s art. Vibrant colors. Hand-drawn shapes. Bold patterns. This dashed ahead typographically in the main tagline “15 years of running” where the word “RUN” stood out in Britto’s artistic style. Bringing the 15 years to life, we ran with this even further. 15 years of commitment. 15 years of running. 15 years of volunteering. In addition, we opted for visuals of real people who participated in previous marathons and are now advocates of running. These people were outlined using Britto’s recognizably bold strokes to reaffirm their championing loyalty to an event that unites the Lebanese. The result that crossed the finishing line was a memorable, light and adaptable campaign that ran with the essence of this impactful brand and this key year.