Keeping things on Track

Get things moving! CCOM is a sub-brand under Cerra Automotive, which specializes in Fleet Management Services and Vehicle Tracking. It provides organizations with a singular location for on-demand, scalable tools to track and manage assets and personnel. The technology exists in Europe and Cerra Automotive acquired it and tailored it to fit the local market. Our challenge was to introduce CCOM as a product of Cerra Automotive. One that can be sold by other distributors as well as the flagship retail outlet.

  • Cerra Automotive Services
  • Automotive
  • Sierra Leone
Brand Concept, Brand Language, Brand Applications, Production Management, Brand Guardianship, Social Media

To showcase that this product belongs to Cerra Automotive, we visually endorsed CCOM through the graphic language and colors. This capitalized Cerra’s credibility within the market. Our inspiration came from the function and flexibility of the product. Position. Speed. Direction. The brandmark illustrates the path that the brand language details, portraying directional graphics that follow, lead and mark the movement of the tracked vehicle. The tagline articulated action: INFORM.COMMAND.CONTROL. This further supports the concept of the customized turnkey solution offered by CCOM.