Playful Success

Colorful times and youthful joy in the heart of Broumana. Lollybee Playground is a seasonal outdoor fun zone. The only outdoor playground in the entire Metn area, it features an art corner, a mini football court, play area, special events space, and food kiosks. Perfect for children aged 1 to 7 years old, it’s the coolest place to spend the day or celebrate a birthday with special packages, fun themes and animations. Ready to play, we had to design a joyously vibrant brand that brings to life the fun kids experience here.

  • Lollybee
  • Recreation
  • Lebanon
Brand Naming, Brand Identity, Brand Language, Brand Applications

We began by asking ourselves questions. What would attract both mothers and children? What would leave moms and kids with a good, warm feeling? How can we give fun a tangible graphical feel? How can we stand out from the competition? To unlock the answers, we got insights from our mothers’ friends and their kids through a set of strategic questions. The main insight mothers revealed was how important the location was: the pleasure of being out in the fresh air rather than the city. Another was the diverse offering that would entertain kids for the entire day. Getting insights from the children needed a more visual approach. Images of Disney character, certain cartoon environments, and games were used to identify what best grabs their attention.

Now that the games were getting serious, we knew the naming had to be memorable to kids. Something that cutely rolls off their little tongues. The result was Lollybee. A name coined from a word play on lullaby, lollypop and busy bee. As for the brand mark, we based our concept on the unique location: outdoors under the pine trees. A stylization of pine trees as lollypops as well as the creation of a fantasy land inspired by the pine trees in the area. The concept was tested on several mothers and children before we moved forward with the final brand mark and brand language. For the applications, we broke the rules and designed a free spirited yet consistent brand.