Building Milestones

History is worth celebrating. Founded in 1964, BUTEC is a leader in the MENA and GCC construction market offering unequaled services. We set out to market their 50th anniversary by creating a brand to commemorate the occasion. The 50th year marked a huge milestone for BUTEC. The new brand’s role was to function as a 2 year campaign for the anniversary. One that would include a roll out to all affiliates.

  • Butec
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • MENA, GCC and Europe
Brand Concept, Brand Language, Brand Applications

They wanted the brandmark to reflect BUTEC’s values. And so our starting point was the brandmark. We explored above and beyond the brandmark to discover what could be done for this occasion given certain restrictions such as leaving the brandmark untouched and it needing to function as a B2B brand. All applications needed to be updated to showcase the new campaign. One of their main concerns was that the website was not visually appealing: projects were not given adequate attention to portray their scale.

The resultant concept focuses on BUTEC’s relentless journey to constantly expand and grow on a multinational level. This is graphically expressed by “opening the door” via the rectangular path of the BUTEC brandmark to boldly mark the 50-year legacy while keeping an eye on the future. It works in both English and Arabic. The primary colors of the original brandmark are kept but an accent deep orange is added to mark the occasion. The brand language is inspired by the architectural mapping and hatching system, map legends and technical detailing. This illustrates the business. All applications are done with meticulous care to highlight their know-how and expertise. Our work also involved revisiting the website alongside the site map and overall design. The outcome gave the work the attention it truly deserved, making the pride they feel towards their work shine.