Beit Misk - New Menu
Appealing to the Senses

Sensationally new and flavorful. A Lebanese restaurant, Beit Misk deliciously mixes local Saudi preferences with the perfect setting and great cuisine with unique twists and authentic flavors. Launched in 2015 in Dammam, it soon opened more branches in Al Hassa and Dahran. As part of their growth and hunger for culinary innovation, Beit Misk was introducing new items to their existing menu. Their unique selling point is their great tasting fusion of Lebanese food with other cuisines and exquisite presentation. Unique Lebanese A La Carte Menu. Special exclusive recipes. Skillful preparation. Harmonious combinations that create a memorable taste experience.

  • Hospitality Development Group
  • Food & Beverage
  • Saudi Arabia
Brand Guardianship, Social Media, Creative Campaign

New items on the menu called for a campaign to whet the appetite for the new offerings. We worked on online and offline platforms to promote the menu. Offline we revamped and redesigned the menu itself, building on the existing brand language while enhancing it. For online, we designed and produced an entertaining introductory video. The Mukhtar and Abou Riad were at it again. The new items were introduced in a funny, light hearted way as the delicious new flavors cause Abou Riad to lose his concentration and focus. To build brand equity even more, the tone of voice and script were kept consistent.