Beirut Marathon Association Annual Report 2016
The Devil’s in the Detail

Going the distance. Every year the Beirut Marathon Association (BMA) hosts the Blom Bank Beirut Marathon in early November. In 2016, BMA turned to us to create their very first published annual report to showcase details about their races, events, programs and financial analysis for the year.

  • Beirut Marathon Association
  • Non-profit Organization / Sports
  • Lebanon
Brand Language, Editorial Design, Iconography, Infographics, BTL

Our design challenge was that BMA did not have a clear brand language to follow. Our task was to set a visual language for the brand that is well present and coherent with the different BMA races and event’s identities. Another challenge was to take into consideration the hard-to-digest content and be able to craft their story into the right narrative for all audiences. Make information clear. Make it aesthetically appealing to the eye.

The role of the ¬annual report is not just a vehicle of information for investors. We wanted the report to be treated as a valuable integrated communication tool and to reinforce the brand’s promise with the aim to reach a broad audience that included employees, runners, advocates and the masses.

The devil’s in the detail. Throughout the report, key information and statistics are highlighted through infographics and typographic hierarchy aiding to turn pages of data into content that is more engaging and accessible.