Beirut Marathon Association Marathon Village 2018
Filling the Heart of Mar Mikhael

Filling the heart of Mar Mikhael with this year’s Marathon village. An open space that welcomes visitors into the historic train station of Mar Mikhael where sports and exhibitors merge together to transform the traditional space into a unique experience.

  • Beirut Marathon Association
  • Non-profit Organization / Sports
  • Lebanon
Brand Identity, Brand Language

Curated for visitors of all ages, Marathon Village, in its second edition, inspired the audience to see running and the love of sports with a higher level of passion.

Sports awareness increased: exhibitors from non-sports related fields joined to show support for the healthy lifestyle that comes with being active.

Our brief and challenge was to brand the Marathon Village while keeping in mind the 2018 Marathon’s theme of “We fill the heart of Beirut”. This resulted in a dynamic and energetic visual language supported by the tagline of “Where fun meets sports” to appeal to the masses not just the die-hard athletes. A visual language that is endorsed by the signature element of the marathon campaign: the heart, which worked flexibly across many design touchpoints to meet the event’s needs.