Beit Misk - Al Hassa Opening
The Village Grows

Serving more. A Lebanese restaurant, Beit Misk deliciously mixes local Saudi preferences with the perfect setting and great cuisine with unique twists and authentic flavors. Launched in 2015 in Dammam, it soon opened more branches in Al Hassa and Dahran. For the Al Hassa opening, we created an animation to fit the occasion using the characters of the Mukhtar and Abou Riad.

  • Hospitality Development Group
  • Food & Beverage
  • Saudi Arabia
Brand Guardianship, Social Media, Creative Campaign

Our challenge was to come up with a story line that engaged and entertained while creating a hype about the opening. Since this was a one-time unique occasion, we celebrated. Fireworks. Singing. Performance. Decorations. We made it a themed event. We researched traditions in Lebanese and Saudi cultures to best select elements relevant to our audience. The logic behind the concept of the “dance” gave credence to both cultures: the 3ardah and dabkeh hinting to the market and the restaurant. This gave us the flexibility to make it funny, lighthearted, and viral. This resulted in a storyline where both characters are conversing and debating the opening while wittingly inviting the audience to visit.