Toters App Iraq
Agility in a Digital Toolkit

Toters is an on-demand delivery app, delivering almost anything that can be thought of across key cities in Iraq. Scrolling through the Toters Instagram page, tons of key messaging are shared daily from promotions to loyalty rewards to the latest newcomer to the Toters app. One can get lost.

  • Toters App Iraq
  • On-Demand Delivery
  • Iraq
Brand Language, Brand Applications, Social Media, Communication Design

The brief was to create a clear hierarchy of messaging and graphics, an agile and flexible digital toolkit, where the user is able to identify the umbrella categories and can begin to create visual recognition with the content shared. Toters stands for More Life. Less Hassle. This is why we were approached for the job at hand. To create less hassle and more life on the page.

To tackle the challenge at hand, delving deep into how the Iraqi market interacts with On-Demand delivery social platforms was imperative. This successful exercise highlighted key insights and created opportunities to accommodate different messaging while developing graphical ques which directed the flexible digital system to improve customer experience.

5 umbrella categories were defined. Several tries later. And many coffees. The digital graphical system came to life; it had to be individual but it also needed to contribute to the collective whole by staying true to the brand guidelines and fostering brand awareness.