United Nations Population Fund
Celebrating Women Empowerment

UNFPA is the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency formally known as the United Nations Population Fund. They call for the realization of reproductive rights for all and supports access to a wide range of sexual and reproductive health services. They have been working in Lebanon since 1993.

  • United Nations Population Fund
  • Non-Governmental Organization
  • Lebanon
Experiential Branding, Brand Language, Creative Concept, Event Branding

UNFPA received a grant to work on a 3 year community program on the following topics of concern: early marriage, family planning and women empowerment. To celebrate the completion of the 3 year program, UNFPA approached Brandem to plan and design an event to thank their partner NGO’s and the participants that participated in making the 3 years a success. Our challenge was to create a creative experiential concept, with “thanks” in the spotlight, in a location rural to Beirut keeping in mind timeframes and budget yet engaging for our audiences.

We tackled this project through understanding who is our key audience. Through personas we were able to identify 4 key profiles: the teenager (early marriage), the mother (family planning), the bread winner (women empowerment), and the supporter (the male support system). These personas were used as a tool to tell the story of the program achievements during the 3 years for UNFPA.

To unify the theme, women empowerment was used as an umbrella to encompass all messages across all applications. Additional tactical messages were developed for the remaining 3 other personas to support the main umbrella theme. The experiential branding directed the journey of the audience through an achievement’s installation, tents for supporting NGO’s, instant hot press t-shirts allowing the audience to choose their persona, a huge drawing board to engage the audience to make their mark, a timeline installation to showcase the 3 years’ development, and finally a photobooth bus “bosta” to commemorate the 3-year ride. The design took an illustrative style working with our personas to give anonymity and inclusion to the audience. Overall, the experience was humane, close to the heart and personal.