Blom Bank Beirut Marathon 2018
Filling the heart of Beirut

Take it to the streets. We were so excited to be working on BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon (BBBM) campaign again. An advocate of running to herald peace and unity in the Middle-East. Having built last year’s campaign, the challenge was to take their message, and what they stand for, and create farther reach and engagement. Our target audience ranged from the die-hard athletes to the couch potato, the old to the young, the urban fashionista to the rural farmer, all uniting under this one umbrella of running.

  • Beirut Marathon Association
  • Non-profit Organization / Sports
  • Lebanon
Creative Campaign Concept, Brand Language, Brand Applications, Advertising, Activation

This year’s brief focused on living the spirit of running the streets of Beirut. Beirut is something else, the city that doesn’t sleep. Known for its obscene traffic and crowded streets. It’s friendly but chaotic, it’s messy yet real. It’s noisy, stressful and a hub for creativity. BUT on Marathon day, Beirut is different. On that day it celebrates all good things. It celebrates support and encouragement. It celebrates good vibes and endless cheers. It celebrates the sound of pounding feet on its pavements and the culture of running and peace. The challenge was to portray it all in our campaign!

By picking up the pace and living the experience, we created a campaign inspired by the cityscape of Beirut infused with both graphic and photographic elements that leverage history with running. Strong and Vivid. The campaign visuals took pride in showcasing the famous landmarks of Beirut alongside our everyday runners. Building on the campaign tagline: “We fill the heart of Beirut”, the landmarks were enclosed in a heart shape to become the campaign stamp.

The tagline worked across many brand touchpoints with special focus on brand activations, 2 of which were created by Brandem: The heart frame invited the audience to become part of the heart of Beirut by taking a picture inside the frame while the second activation of the hashtag stencil on Beirut’s streets, created a memorable trigger that stayed imprinted in our audience’s mind.

The result was a relatable, impactful and adaptable campaign that ran with the essence of Beirut Marathon Association to spread its key message of peace, love and unity.