Our Edge

Our Edge
We guard your brand.*

* Our Unique Selling Point

Research and analysis. The grand revealers of your unique selling points. We translate this into concept driven branding, communication and strategic design that resonate with your target audience.

From methodology which leads to creative multidisciplinary design solutions, Brandem implements a clear plan so you can be at the top of your game. This is all very serious business.

Being real brand guardians we keep your brand consistent across all touchpoints. Ensuring consumers’ experience and interaction with your brand remains uniform. This is how we handle your branding, communication and social media.

We understand what effective design entails for the diverse Arab communities. The cultural uniqueness to tell meaningful stories. Brandem really puts you in touch with your target audience. We refine engaging brand stories and experiences by carefully testing how effective our design solutions are before launching.

Our goal is simple: to deliver game changing potential.

We're happy that we're

We're happy that we're
Agents of change before designers.*

* Our Mission & Vision

One ambition drives us: to be agents of change. Brandem’s fuel is creating strategic design solutions that address the needs of our clients. Solutions that in turn create better experiences for consumers. We act as brand catalysts. Help our clients shift to address the ever-changing behaviour of their consumers.

It’s not just about the here and now. It’s about the future too. This is why we evolve with the changing world. By continually developing Brandem’s design intelligence, we help our ambitious partners create a successful tomorrow for their brand.

This is Us
It’s all about our culture.*

Our Secret* Explore what’s out there.

Research provides power and inspiration. Extract insights that pinpoint the Unique Selling Proposition that makes your brand stand out from the competition. Accordingly create bespoke multidisciplinary solutions.

Our Focus* People come first.

Identify what strikes a chord and resonates with people to build a successful brand. The consumer is the hero, starting point and focus.

Our Spark* Never settle.

Push boundaries. Challenge the ordinary. Transform ideas into action. Dive into the powerful flow of change. Every single day.

Our Direction* Go beyond the usual.

Create innovative ideas and concepts. Think, do, make and influence by crafting multidisciplinary and integrated design solutions.

Our Spirit* Team up for success.

Partnering with clients, suppliers and creative minds yields the best results. Open a dialogue. Start a conversation. Collaboration works.

OUR way to engage you
Brandem’s recipe.*

* Inquire. Influence. Innovate. Implement. At Brandem our signature four ‘Is’ guide us. We transform design into an effective tool that promotes your business and delivers tangible outcomes. This is achieved by strategically thinking in-depth before leaping into action. We work with you. Attract your target audience. Create the right ripples. This is why clients turn to us.

Specific raw ingredients help us keep things real. Listening attentively. Engaging in thorough research at all times. Dissecting information to gain a panoramic view of the client’s business. Processing amassed insights. By exchanging ideas, communicating openly and working directly with the client, creative solutions start to simmer. The icing on the cake is how the design and production stages are carefully controlled to craft the best results.