Creating an Arab Maker Culture

This goes to show that we can make it happen. “Sanea” is an initiative headquartered in Qatar that promotes the maker movement in the Pan Arab region. How? By enriching the young new generation’s educational experience in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The main inspiration behind this is that “making” should be accessible to everyone now thanks to the democratization of information and proliferation of digital tools. Sanea maximizes its impact via 4 initiatives: a student competition, special curriculum, mobile bus and e-store.
  • Education/ Technology
  • Qatar
Brand Strategy, Brand Architecture, Brand Audit, Corporate Identity, TVC, Activations & Content Creation, BTL
Our challenge was to create an Arabic brand. One that promotes the spirit of the maker movement in the Pan Arab region. Impacts the local community and future generations. Instills the maker culture in the younger generation. Highlights the ‘need’ to join the Sanea makers. Generates awareness about the importance of making in addition to shifting the mindset from consumer passivism to producer activism.  
We started by delving deep into the maker movement worldwide with particular interest in the Pan Arab region. From our research and discovery findings, we pinpointed the opportunities and current trends driving the maker movement globally. Leveraging Sanea’s unique selling points, we developed a value proposition and brand essence that fit Sanea’s aspirations.
We commenced with the creation of a comprehensive and targeted brand strategy which indicated that an endorsed brand architecture, where the sub brands and parent brand are visually linked, would illustrate the Sanea initiative. The brand concept is inspired from the cubism movement which features movement from basic shapes to crafted details following a specific system. This highlights the active learning, educational progress and the strong foundation of Sanea. A crafted typeface was specifically designed to represent the concept. The brand language also takes on a modular movement. Building. Creating. Making. Ultimately, Sanea’s new identity creates a dynamic, unusual and trustworthy image reflecting grassroots empowerment, innovative collaboration and constructive growth.