Ability Program

Ability Program
Super Abled

There are no limitations to what can be achieved. The Beirut Marathon Association’s (BMA) values are built on positive change within the community and the goal to give everyone the opportunity for self-improvement through sports. The Ability Program was launched by Beirut Marathon Association especially for para-athletes. A benevolent donation of 11 hand-cycles made it possible for more people who are usually on wheelchairs to join the race with ease. The Beirut Marathon Association has also launched a training program so these participants and others who own hand-cycles can race competitively.
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Brand Architecture, Corporate Identity, BTL
Ability Program Ability Program Ability Program Ability Program
BMA approached us to create an identity and brand language for this empowering new initiative. Our challenge was to create something unique yet consistent with the brand architecture. The brand architecture for all BMA features the running flame emblem for everything “pre” with consistent typographic treatment. But each sub brand (i.e. programs and races) has its own identity within the endorsed brand architecture.
Ability Program Ability Program Ability Program
The ability program’s identity runs with the ideal of a para-athlete on the hand-cycle by integrating the PRE with the “O” in the logotype. The “O” was crafted to illustrate the hand-cycle moving at high speed. Ideal for a sports training program that prepares competitors for marathon day. The brand language races with the para-athlete on his/her hand-cycle, mimicking the speed of the wheels. This moves forward and dynamically across different applications. The colors chosen tell a story of perseverance. Connecting thought and action. Encouraging the runners to push themselves harder to achieving their goal. The tagline we developed, “We Are Super-abled” send an empowering message. The result was an endorsed brand emanating confidence, perseverance, and speed.
Ability Program