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City Van
Driving Transportation Innovation

Creating speedy impact for an app through a campaign. CITYVAN is an initiative driven by City Group Co and operating under the CITYBUS brand that was introduced to address Kuwait’s evolving transportation needs. As part of Kuwait’s leading private sector public transportation company, CITYVAN had several main selling points: their understanding of their audiences’ travel needs; the ability to ensure convenient, economical and reliable transportation; and the know-how to use technology to make journeys hassle free. CITYVAN offers a door to door vehicle pooling service with convenient online booking and payment options. This goes hand in hand with its commitment to reducing congestion; providing smooth rides that let people use their time productively thanks to onboard complimentary Wi-Fi; and actively contributing to reducing Kuwait’s carbon footprint.
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Creative Campaign, Digital Marketing
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Our challenge was to create a launch campaign for the dynamic new app. The pooling concept is still new in the region and many were skeptical about the reliability of the service, reluctant to ride with people they do not know for safety reasons, and unsure that it would actually save them money. This meant we had to drive carefully and couldn’t simply speed to the finishing line. We had to define and understand our target audience which were mostly expats working in Kuwait, 80% of which are of the Philippines, Egypt and India. To create messaging that resonates with them and to still be impactful given the future objective to encourage locals to use the service with certain upgrades tailored to their needs.
City Van City Van City Van City Van
Driving things forward, the campaign used entertaining messages that highlighted the benefits of the 6 key services that are CITYVAN’S unique selling points. Cost saving. Hassle free. Reliable. Environmentally conscious. Free Wi-Fi. Door to door service. An English and Arabic campaign was born with the tagline “The app that….” to stress that the innovative service has a user-friendly app. The call to action “Download the app that takes you further” engaged the audience even more by highlighting how the app has a positive impact on your pocket, daily life, and the environment. It transported the brand from A to Z.