The Suitcase

The Suitcase
Packing Experiences

Travel is a world in and of itself. The Suitcase is a group of fresh and ambitious travelers who have been around the world and back. A boutique travel design agency does not offer traveling solutions. Does not offer standard holiday packages. Rather it gives customers personal insights about destinations they didn’t know existed. The options provided work around the customer’s timeline and needs.
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Corporate Identity, BTL
The Suitcase The Suitcase The Suitcase The Suitcase
We approached this project as avid travelers ourselves who thought the suitcase’s services were a dream come true. Rather than investing your few rare free hours to plan a 5 day getaway, imagine having someone understand what you like to do, eat, see, sleep and experience? And having it all compiled into one perfectly customized dream vacation! We set out and really imagined it. After deciding on your destination, the first thing you do is add and remove things from your mental suitcase. To show this action, the logotype folds and unfolds. It reflects the idea of packing a suitcase on one hand and reveals on the other hand the different experiences you will encounter at your destination.
The Suitcase The Suitcase The Suitcase
Our approach for the brand language used big visuals. Images say it better than words after all and are what entice you to make a booking. Another element of the brand language used the postcard as a key design element to further immerse the customer in the travel experience, letting dreams take flight.
The Suitcase