Constructing an Evolved Impression

An image that’s on the rise. Ramaco is one of the rare “Grade A” construction companies in the state of Qatar. Established in 2001, they are specialized in providing turnkey solutions in the construction industry (design, engineering, construction and property management). On their 15th anniversary, they came to us. They were moving to new horizons at the iconic smart city, Lusail, and wanted an image that reflects this step. Their image at the time didn’t embody the quality of their work or the scale of their projects. Not to mention that they had also launched 2 new companies in Lebanon: RAFA for Design and Engineering Studies and RAFA Development. This meant the brand architecture and hierarchy for Ramaco needed relooking.
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Qatar
Brand Architecture, Brand Audit, Brand Strategy, Corporate Identity, Brand Guidelines, Brand Guardianship, Digital Marketing
Our challenge was to revolutionize the identity into something completely new. Ramaco’s company culture does not believe in a top down approach so we met with different levels of stakeholders in different job positions to assess and audit the current brand. The existing brand’s weaknesses were identified and after thorough analysis, we found certain elements of the brand which could be salvaged.
We uplifted the Ramaco brand by working on the typography, colors, hierarchy and brand language. Our work began with a new concept that combines the brand’s progressive and integrated approach. We revisited the 2 initials “R” & “F” to match the new brand vision and values while also treating the whole logotype. The honesty and reliability of the brand was showcased through the use of a transparency technique with photography and stylized patterns inspired from the most common industrial raw materials used in the industry. Our approach to the two RAFA companies was different though since they lacked brand equity in the Lebanese market. The brand hierarchy leveraged Ramaco’s credibility by working in a monolithic brand architecture approach.