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Dimah Capital
Investing in Change

Capital results! Established in 2007, Dimah Capital entered the market with a powerful presence. A Shariah compliant investment banking and wealth management corporation, Dimah Capital offers clients a diversified range of solutions. Being part of a group of companies under a holding that was undergoing a rebrand, Dimah Capital had to rebrand in-line with the new vision of the holding. Since Dimah Capital’s existing brand had built equity, they wanted to uplift their brand rather than completely revamp it.
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Corporate Identity, BTL
Dimah Capital Dimah Capital
A resilient company with almost no competition, Dimah Capital’s name aptly means “light continuous rain” referring to slow but stable growth. Because of this, Dimah wanted to position itself as a brand that restores confidence in the financial sector and gets people investing again. Approaching this job with the care, caution and risk management of an investment banker, we tackled the evolution by crafting a brand that reflects a more humbled, modest and safe image. One that is not too proud, unapproachable and overbearing.
Dimah Capital Dimah Capital Dimah Capital
Opting for a soft uplift, we got moving by dissecting the brand and its elements and studying how the uplift can enhance the brand’s image while retaining their core values. The old identity was outdated and static. But the recrafted logotype was designed to showcase transparency, openness and being approachable. The corporate colors continued to mirror the parent brand. And the end result was a competitive, confident and market leading brand. * This work was commissioned by Fitch Doha.
Dimah Capital Dimah Capital Dimah Capital