Sebaaly Law Firm

Sebaaly Law Firm
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Classically professional. Yet trustworthy for the times. Business was growing as Sebaaly expanded from a small family business made up of just two professionals to an established law firm. Specialized in Criminal and Corporate Law, Sebaaly had a 20 year track record of winning cases and had built a solid reputation. Since lawyers and law firms can’t advertise, all the success was thanks to word of mouth and satisfied clients.
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Corporate Identity
Sebaaly Law Firm Sebaaly Law Firm
Despite all of this, they didn’t have a corporate identity and had been brand-less for 10 years. And they felt it was time to have a solid business tool to reflect their professionalism and growth. This is where we took up the case. Local law firms, in general, are family owned legacies, and so we opted to keep Sebaaly as the corporate name of the business to maintain the credible reputation. We studied the target audience. And made a discovery. When choosing a lawyer, wisdom trumps youth. This important insight was the key driver in designing the identity.
Sebaaly Law Firm Sebaaly Law Firm Sebaaly Law Firm
Our challenge was to build a brand that reflected the firm’s professionalism and expertise. The design solution leveraged the family owned aspect through the creation of an emblem for Sebaaly. The typographic treatment is regal and presides with power and confidence. These are important traits people judge in a lawyer. We even expressed the years of experience and the wisdom in the choice of deep hued colors that embodied knowledge, trust, and know how.