Butec Utility Services-Corporate

Butec Utility Services-Corporate
Distributing the Whole

An electrifying challenge can distribute the right results. Part of BUTEC Group, BUTEC Utility Services (BUS) features both B2B and B2C business models. Working for Electricité du Liban, it designs, implements, operates and even maintains the electrical distribution network and also provides customer and metering services for approximately 30% of Lebanon. Cooperating with partners from around the world, BUS is an electrical Distribution Service Provider (DSP) typified by knowledge and expertise
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Brand Guardianship, Digital Marketing, BTL
Butec Utility Services-Corporate Butec Utility Services-Corporate
The electricity industry has faced issues in Lebanon for years. Financial, technical and commercial losses. Setbacks. Mammoth fuel bills. A tariff structure not in-line with production and distribution costs. Etc. Because of all these issues, EDL launched the DSP project to bring together several tasks in one new framework. This is how BUS came on to the scene. While not responsible in any way for the power cuts plaguing citizens, BUS focuses on making distribution to customers as smooth as possible. The above insights and key fact that BUS is in no way responsible for Lebanon’s insufficient electricity production made it as clear as light that our challenge was to change public perception and create awareness about the true responsibilities of BUS. This was especially tricky since the only “interaction” the brand had with their audience was the bill collector or the contact centers…and both give the impression that the audience is dealing with EDL rather than BUS.
Butec Utility Services-Corporate Butec Utility Services-Corporate Butec Utility Services-Corporate
Our work spanned over 3 years. It started by working in collaboration with a market research company to understand the public’s perceptions of BUS. This helped us devise an electrifying communication strategy with the power to change perceptions. The results of the market research confirmed our initial thoughts that the public weren’t aware of the difference between BUS and EDL or that BUS was solely a distribution service provider and hence had nothing to do with electricity production.
Butec Utility Services-Corporate Butec Utility Services-Corporate Butec Utility Services-Corporate
Since BUS wanted to expand by applying the same business model in different markets (KSA, Africa…), we helped them by creating all their corporate material. From content heavy presentations to brochures and pamphlets! Our design process started with an existing brand mark and tagline but with no other supporting material. In light of this, we began by developing the brand language and revisiting their website, guided by the feedback from the market research. This resulted in a consistent and engaging brand. One lit by a clear and direct message that portrayed their services.