Operations Streamlined

A good business reputation has always been key to attracting new clients, especially in the industry of trading and logistics. It offers established companies a competitive edge over newly emerging ones, who tend to rely on a more strategic business launch. 

For that purpose, Pardus approached us to craft a timeless, trusted logistics brand identity.

  • Pardus
  • Trading & Logistics
  • UAE & West Africa
Brand Audit, Corporate Identity

Building on the name, we centered our logo around the Pardus, a species of leopards known as hunting, speedy and adaptive cats. The integration of its silhouette associated the brand with dynamism, efficiency and flexibility — all of which are at the core of premium logistic services. To mark our logo icon, we chose the “A,” emphasizing the upward direction of the letter and suggesting the continuous growth of the business.


Our choice of colors was inspired by the nature of the Pardus, which is nocturnal, and the essence of the brand’s services, which is speed. Blending black and yellow created the desired bold statement, striking contrast and expression of timelessness.


Last but not least, the crafted logotype reflected the uniqueness of the newly emerging company. The letters featured smooth curves and open spaces to communicate seamlessness, swiftness and dynamism.

Having signed off with a brand mark everyone was confident about, Pardus launched its presence in the UAE and West Africa. 

We are pleased to be their brand guardians for upcoming expansions and applications of their corporate identity.