Beirut Marathon Association

Beirut Marathon Association
One Spirit One Race

Running for two decades now, the Beirut marathon has become a cultural event among the spirited Lebanese. 

Each year, the streets would come to life with their boundless energy and willpower, except that 2023 had a different story. With tensions upscaling in the region, people were inclined to stay home and seek safety under their roofs.

Not surprisingly, this wasn’t a “give up” sign for the Beirut Marathon Association. They approached us to build the creative campaign for their annual grand race, sponsored by OMT and hero-ed by the slogan: “One Spirit. One Race.”

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Corporate Identity, Creative Campaign
Beirut Marathon Association

Our creative concept championed this pressing call for solidarity and community engagement. We crafted the slogan into a bold block of typography that intensified its visibility and impact. We then complemented the scene with vibrant colors to empower our designs and shout out the resilience of our nation.

Beirut Marathon Association

Through consolidated text lock-ups, diagonal lines, repetitive patterns, and blurred, crowded backgrounds, our creative team went all the way to reflect the campaign’s spirit of oneness. An equal dynamism went into the Arabic adaptations that signed the messages with a local Lebanese accent.

Beirut Marathon Association

In execution, our campaign symbolized a burst of color and light despite all adversity. Outdoor displays and props animated the streets. Participants put on their branded t-shirts and caps. Race arcs, flags, bibs, and the whole range of props followed the same design beat, reminding us of the camaraderie that paved the tracks of this marathon.

Beirut Marathon Association Beirut Marathon Association

On the big day, 18,000 runners were ready and set to go. International athletes, university students, NGOs, couples, kids, and even their pets stepped up to the invitation. Together, they radiated resilience and embodied the true essence of the 2023 marathon.

Beirut Marathon Association