Making Events Memorable

In a country with “events mania”, how can you make an events company stand out? Trice has a wedding planning and coordination arm and another arm focused on corporate events and conferences. When Trice approached us as a startup, it was already built on more than 12 years of previous personal experience. Our job was to make Trice stand out against the intense competition.
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Corporate Identity, BTL
Trice Trice Trice Trice
Wedding planners and coordinators are a saturated market. To gain market share and visibility, one has to stand out. Trice goes above and beyond the call of duty, building close ties and relationships rather than offering one off events. Since events are personal, this makes the client feel that someone is translating their dream event into a reality.
Trice Trice Trice
Because Trice caters to all budgets and profiles (from low to high), they plan and design any corporate or special occasion and can work with any theme. Therefore, we crafted an identity to showcase their expertise and flexibility. Showing they can handle any event. The circular movement within the brandmark denotes the invitation to become part of the trice family: a whole ecosystem of stakeholders, all catering to the needs of the special customer who’s at heart of everything they do. The dots symbolize the milestones along the way to bringing an event to life. The typographic treatment portrays the friendliness and approachability of the team. The circle shows the continuity of customers coming back for all their occasions.
Trice Trice Trice Trice Trice