Book of Charms

Book of Charms
The Solution’s the Charm

The perfect charm is lined by strategy. Book of Charms, a brand strategy consulting company provides tailor made solutions for customers and businesses. From trainings to workshops and consultancy. It is also a parent brand housing several other sub brands including fashion wear, accessories, and much more. Our challenge was to create a brand that resonates with women entrepreneurs keen to improve their business and skills. How? By creating an identity that embraces the different types of trainings and workshops Book of Charms hosts and opens the page on the time and effort needed to plan B2B training and workshops.
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Corporate Identity, BTL
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Putting ourselves in the shoes of the target audience, we approached this job by asking ourselves what would spark the confidence and trust needed to prompt us to sign up for a training or workshop with the potential to directly impact our business. This led us to the insight of how women make decisions in the business environment, their thought process, their passionate nature and their drive to prove themselves and excel.
Book of Charms Book of Charms Book of Charms
The identity designed had to be professional but that did not mean that it had to be rigid or dully corporate. The result was a brave identity that was out the ordinary for a B2B company. The design represents the thought processes involved in strategic thinking and how Book of Charms extracts that one thread worth going after. That one idea, direction or goal that leads you further.
Book of Charms Book of Charms Book of Charms Book of Charms
A balance was created between the main organic flowing graphical element and the clean structured element to remain professional yet tailor for our audience. The colors were purposefully selected to appeal to the target audience: corporate women.