UNICEF Lebanon

UNICEF Lebanon
Don’t Leave It to Chance

Cybersecurity is a serious concern these days, and the Lebanese are just one of many who have been the target of phishing attempts. 

These include fake job opportunities requiring fees, suspicious links posing data threats, and registration forms tricking people into sharing their personal and financial information. Unfortunately, several messages claimed to be coming from the renowned and trusted UNICEF Lebanon, who approached us to launch an awareness campaign and address the matter urgently.

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Creative Campaign, Digital Marketing, Animation

Launching our campaign, we introduced our animation video to spark people’s interest and start the conversation. Their response was impressive, and not leaving it to luck, we sustained their engagement throughout the campaign. This was achieved through a series of informative posts crafted to resonate with the characters in the video and present helpful tips that fueled the discussion on UNICEF Lebanon’s social media pages.

Considering the Lebanese context, the objective was to adopt a fun, light-hearted approach without compromising the seriousness of the matter.

This is where our hunt for insights began and led us to find that trusting luck and taking it for granted were one of the reasons people fell for phishing attempts. 

They even assumed that the whole phishing scenario couldn’t happen to them.

UNICEF Lebanon

With this in mind, we rolled out the مش كل مرة بتسلم الجرة (you can’t leave it to chance) campaign. 

Our messaging pinned a very local expression to grab attention and urge the Lebanese to watch out for cybercrimes, especially that those were getting more sophisticated and advanced.

UNICEF Lebanon

Our main creative product was a humoristic animation featuring 3 heroes, each representing a targeted audience profile. We had a job-hunting young “Lea,” a short-on-money old “Abou Nabeel,” and last but not least, an entrepreneurial middle-aged “Dany.” Their stories were interlinked, and as one plot led us to another, we highlighted the most common phishing attempts, while granting every hero a “typically Lebanese” moment that came to their rescue.

Before you go, check out our campaign for useful advice about phishing attempts because, needless to say, you too could be a target.

Beware and don't leave it to chance!